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Call us for any Garage door sensor repair in Los Angeles today. Is your garage door not closing? At Garage Door Paramedics in Los Angeles , we are experts on any type of repair with same day service. We can handle all types of residential garage door sensor repairs. All major brands including Lift Master, Chamberlain, Genie, Craftsman, Sears and many more.

On this page Garage Door Paramedics in Los Angeles will give you all information you may need before calling the expert garage door technicians. We will cover:

  • How to know when you need a sensor repair
  • Why you need to call an expert
  • How much does a sensor repair cost
  • Why sensors brake or fail
  • Who to call
  • How to prevent sensor repairs

When do I Need a Garage Door Sensor Repair

Not sure why your garage door is acting difficult? Here are the most common signs the problem may be your garage door cables:

Garage Door is Unable to Close

The most common signs you need a garage door sensor repair is when you notice your garage door is not able to close. You will notice when you press the button either on your wall switch or your remote control and the door does not close. In some cases the door come down partially but goes back up at some point in the process.

Another sign the sensors are not aligned or defective is when you notice the automatic opener clicks 10 times after the door has reached fully open position.

Along with the clicking you should also see the lights on the opener blinking with every one of those 10 clicks.

Lastly, to further confirm your garage door sensors are failing, push the wall button and keep it pressed until door closes completely. This will by pass the safety sensors. If the door reaches the floor, that is the best sign your sensors need to be repaired or adjusted. Note: you won’t be able to do this from your remote. If your sensors are not working properly, the only way to bypass them is from the wall switch.

Why you need to call a garage door repair expert in Los Angeles

A professional garage door sensor repair expert will run a full inspection on your garage door system for every visit. This will be beneficial when you want to know the root cause of the failure.

When you call Garage Door Paramedics service in Los Angeles, we will solve most of your sensor repair issue the same day and usually for the basic service call cost.

The most common reasons your sensors fail include:

  • Sensor are not aligned
  • There is an object blocking the light beam
  • One of your sensors is defective
  • Broken wire connections along the wire from sensor to opener
  • Defective circuit board inside your automatic opener

Some times is only a matter of aligning your sensors in a way they face one another. Also, removing an object that could be blocking the light beam. You could and should try this yourself first before calling and paying for the visit. If this doesn’t not solve your sensor problem, good idea to reschedule an appointment with the experts at Garage Door Paramedics