Garage Door Cables



Do you have a broken garage door cables in Los Angeles , California?  The purpose of the garage door cables is to connect the spring system to the door. There are two primary types of garage door spring systems, the first uses a torsion spring, and the second uses an extension spring. Call us for immediately assistance for your garage door
Quality garage door cables serve an important role in the function of the garage door system. As the door raises and lowers the cables help reduce the pressure on the spring, therefore extending its life. The cables serve as a catch for the door, if a spring should break and also help the door work more smoothly and quietly.

 There are two types of cables on most garage doors: the cables that transfer the energy of the springs to the task of lifting the door and, the safety cables that do their best to prevent you from getting hurt in the event of an accident with the springs. Let’s look at the lifting cables first. Are three types of cables used on garage doors in Los Angeles, California: torsion spring cables, extension spring cables and safety cables. They come in various lengths, thicknesses and strand counts.

There are several different cables at work on most contemporary garage doors, and each serves a crucial function. Review our comprehensive guide to garage door cables to learn the different garage door cable types, and the functions served by each, and the top causes of common cable malfunctions.

Paramedics Tip: Replacing your Garage Door Rollers can make a huge improvement in the function of the garage door. If your door is noisey and doesn’t roll smooth, you need new rollers. Factory rollers are only rated for about 10,000 cycles, we recommend sealed nylon rollers which can last up to 25,000 cycles. These will dramatically make your garage door smoother and quieter.